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Selling a home can be stressful, worse still when you don’t have access to the money needed to achieve the best possible outcome. We hate seeing homeowners sell their home short, that’s why we created SaleFunder.

Getting the best price is key to being able to afford your next dream home.

Like all major financial institutions, SaleFunder holds a Consumer Credit license regulated by ASIC.

The founders of SaleFunder have worked in the finance and corporate advisory world for over 15 years. Helping people is what we are all about.

Our professional and knowledgeable staff have assessed over $50 million in new loan applications over the past five years.

It is our passion to help you maximise your homes sale potential without jeopardising your cash flow. Apply directly with us or via your agent, and get the funds you need to help achieve the best price you can for your home.

Lucas McEntee


Lucas has helped 1000’s of family run businesses over the last 15 years get back on their feet, providing corporate finance, strategy and turnaround advice. He’s seen first hand the missed opportunities of everyday Australians selling their assets for less than they’re worth, when not managed or prepared properly due to lack of capital resources.

SaleFunder was designed to stop that happening as often as possible, by making it easier for homeowners and agents to get the best possible price they can, by spending a little bit to realise a lot through the sale process.

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