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$3,000 to $60,000 available.

Our Pricing is simple and easy. No late fees, no default fee, no service fees.

We are flexible. Online portal applications, manual email applications or Paper. Whichever your vendor chooses.

We pay funds usually within 24-48 hours, not once a month like some.

We pay funds to the Agent, Vendor or Both.



Unlike our competitors, Sale Funder hold and use a Consumer Credit license, regulated by ASIC. Just like a bank. You wouldn’t drive a car unlicensed, you can’t sell a home unlicensed, so why use and recommend a product to a Vendor that’s unlicensed.

Our product has no liability to you the agent. The loan is with the Vendor, never the agent.

We’re free to join, no contracts, no minimum usage, no exclusivity.

We offer onsite training to you and your agents to help secure more listings.


Industry Trusted

We integrate to listing presentations and CRM’s you already use.

We sponsor the REIV and other trusted industry bodies.

A survey of the top real estate agents in Australia revealed that styling your home could boost the final sale price by between 7.5% and 12.5%. In the same survey, 87% of agents said you would earn a higher price by property styling, while 48% thought styling would lead to an increase in offers.

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