1. May 2023

    The Treasury Laws Amendment (Design and Distribution Obligations and Product Intervention Powers) Act 2019 require SaleFunder to publish our Target market Determination.

    Sale Funder is an Australian residential non-bank credit program open to Australian homeowners offering them a finance solution and access to capital tied up in their property to finance those expenses associated with listing their property for sale. SaleFunder is the trading name of Loan Funder Pty Ltd ABN 39 605 823 (Australian Credit Licence 526858)

    A Target Market Determination explains who our products are designed for and how they are distributed to our customers. This Target Market Determination also sets out the events and circumstances were we are required to review our determinations.

    SaleFunder is a fixed term, fixed cost, financial product offered to real estate property vendors to prepare their property for sale including vendor paid advertising, styling and minor repairs/improvements. The product is only available to vendors who have selected  and entered into a sales agreement with a licensed real estate agent.

    A SaleFunder Customer has very narrow criteria. They must have entered into a sales agreement with a licensed real estate agent for the sale of their residential property. Each loan is assessed to ensure the amount is able to be paid back from the sale proceeds of the property.

    The product is distributed either through the online portal or through our payment gateway utilised by stylists, real estate agents and other partners. If a customer comes direct through the portal, a loan cannot be settled until they have entered into a sales agreement with a licensed real estate agent.

    SaleFunder will do a review of the Target Market Determination on a yearly basis unless a trigger event occurs before that time. Trigger events are product changes, legislative amendments, material and relevant complaints, changes to the property sale process in any state of Australia or an ASIC Specific Dealing notification.

    Email: info@salefunder.com.au

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