What if my property doesn't sell?

Average sale times depend on the value of the home and location. According to a Smartcompany* the average time to sell a home in Sydney (Dec 19) was 30 days.

However, if the property doesn’t sell within 6 months of funds advanced, our team will work with you on a repayment schedule suitable to your financial circumstances.

What does it cost?

SaleFunder loans start at 5.9%, in each loan application we clearly display in real dollar terms the costs associated with all our loans and the loan terms.  We also include a PDS and  Credit Guide for you to review before proceeding.

How much can I borrow?

Our site calculates an amount you can borrow based on a number of factors, click the Apply Now Button  you’ll know in less than 2 mins. Subject to Credit Criteria Terms and Conditions Apply.

How soon can I get access to funds?

We can get funds to you as fast as 48 hours from the submitted application, provided the ID requirements and conditions are met.

What can I use funds for?

SaleFunder is designed to help you achieve the best sale price without depleting your savings. Funds can be used for anything that assists that goal. This includes marketing campaigns with your agency to advertise your property more effectively or renovations, home improvements and furniture staging to help appeal to a wider home buyer base.

How do I repay the loan?

When your home sells, we are repaid at settlement. Funds are paid out via an irrevocable direction from the deposit held by your agent or via your solicitor when the property settlement takes place. As the homeowner and vendor of the property, you are solely responsible for the loan. If you want to repay the loan early, contact us for a statement and payout details.

What if I decide not to sell my home?

We understand plans change, however even if you change your mind the loan still needs to be repaid. Our team will work with you on a repayment schedule suitable to your financial circumstances.

Can I repay the loan before the home sells?

Yes you can, contact us directly via phone or email with your account number and we will provide a payout figure usually within 24 hours.

What if I change real estate agents?

Your loan follows you to your next agent and all the same conditions apply. If you do change agents, you and your prior agent have an obligation to inform the SaleFunder of the change.

Is my information safe?

All our data is held by compliant security services hosted by Amazon web services, and our systems and processes all comply with the strict Anti Money laundering laws.

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